Artemis Person of Color: NASA’s Artemis mission will have a Person of Color: A black man to go on NASA’s lunar mission

The US Space Agency’s Artemis mission not only makes history by sending the first woman to the moon, but also plans to send a black man for the first time. According to the CNN report, the country’s new government, Joe Biden, has decided that part of the mission that will take place in 2024 should be a black person.

NASA Executive Administrator Steve Jarkzyk reported that the administration has offered Congress $ 24.7 billion in funding, showing its commitment to NASA. The statement said it would help the mission to send the first woman and the first black person to the moon.

The Artemis team
The first cadre of astronauts for the Artemis mission was announced in December. Two crew members are to be announced for Artemis III. The initial group of 18 people is quite diverse. This includes people recently associated with NASA and experienced astronauts. NASA Chief of Staff Bhavya Lal said these historic moments will lead to participation in humanity.

Indian royalty included
Bhavya reported that NASA’s active astronauts today include African Americans, Asia Pacific Islanders, Hispanics and multiracial people. The team that NASA chose in December is also Indian-American astronaut Rajachari. This Artemis team will also be working on other missions before her. Rajachari’s father left Hyderabad. He joined the Astronaut Corps in 2017.

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