Artificial intelligence and mediation, your great allies for settling labor disputes without going to court

Artificial intelligence and mediation, your great allies for settling labor disputes without going to court

What is the best method to reach an amicable settlement of the dispute with a co-worker? The new Internet platform from Peacebuilder, an emerging company (start-up) promoted by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), helps individuals and associations find the most effective ways to resolve their differences through the artificial intelligence and a group of conflict resolution experts. Its objective is that the company has more tools to resolve its disputes and promote the resolution of problems without going to court.

The project was launched after more than ten years of peer-reviewed scientific research and individual case experiences, and was a finalist in the latest edition of the SpinUOC Entrepreneurship Program. “The initial idea arose out of peace studies, aspects that deal with how to improve society in order to pacify it; we are thinking about how we can help resolve everyday conflicts, ”explains its founder, the collaborating professor of law studies. and Political Sciences at the UOC scar Daniel Franco Conforti.

Algorithms to avoid court cases

Unlike traditional methods, such as legal methods, Peacebuilder tries to get the parties involved to come to an agreement with the help of artificial intelligence and experts. The operation is very simple: people fill out an online form with their problem, an algorithm analyzes it by comparing it with thousands of similar cases to propose a methodology and, if necessary, they contact professionals, who will invite the other. party involved and will conduct the mediation.

“In most cases, with the right tools, we can adapt each other’s points of view,” explains Franco Conforti. “A lot of times these are small changes, like starting to talk about needs and not interests. In a divorce, for example, you can claim a vehicle from the other because they can sell it for a large sum. money, whereas to his ex-partner he represents the dream of a lifetime. If you both understand that what is needed is this amount of money, not the object, you can start looking for a solution. “

In addition to personal participation in conflict resolution, Peacebuilder offers other benefits: it helps individuals develop tools for future litigation, saves time and money, avoids the common emotional burden of courts and encourages the parties to honor their commitments by having them negotiate themselves. .

To increase contract compliance, Peacebuilder is seeking funding to develop blockchain smart contracts and add other guarantees. “Blockchain technology will allow public monitoring of the contract, which will promote its success,” explains Franco Conforti. “On the other hand, if we add a mechanism, such as a guarantee that could only be recovered if the promise is kept, a great deal of security would be offered,” he concludes.

Interested international institutions

Peacebuilder has already attracted the interest of government agencies, such as the Mexican justice system and the government of Santa Fe, Argentina. According to its founder, governments can benefit immensely from these types of platforms, as they will eliminate many court disputes and result in great savings. “They are the ones who should put them at the service of the citizen to favor another

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