Artificial intelligence, gaming, innovation … Discover the technological trends in HR for 2021


Artificial intelligence, gaming, innovation … Discover the technological trends in HR for 2021

BY RRHHDigital, 00:01 – 30 January 2021

After a year marked by Covid, the entry into 2021 clearly shows the need to modify the processes in order, while keeping the distance, to be able to be close. In the case of areas such as human resources, this need becomes stronger and more complicated within an organization.

Thus, the estimated digital transformation for businesses has come more abruptly. Many companies have had to change the way they operate until now, using digitization and telecommuting to continue to provide top notch service.

In this changing and uncertain environment, talent management is essential to address challenges in the most effective way possible. With a digital landscape that is gaining more and more importance and the need for companies to innovate and differentiate themselves in order to gain market share, what must be done to find the people capable of making the company grow in this new landscape?

According to the latest Stratesys analysis, here are the main trends in people management that are emerging for the coming months:

Go for Business Intelligence. This year, technology is expected to become important in selection processes. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality are some of the main technologies on which market tools rely to recruit talent. These allow not only to observe and analyze the current situation of the company, but also to predict how employees will find themselves and adapt to future changes, internal and external. The use of Artificial Intelligence can help in talent detection, algorithm design helps in screening candidates, and setting up chatbots speeds up the early stages of selection processes. There will even be companies that start using predictive big data to run simulations with candidates and employees. Unique digital onboarding. Integration requires integration. Digitization has become the best ally to create unique experiences among new talents. So designing a virtual experience, like a video game, can help increase engagement at that time. The goal is for the newly hired employee to integrate quickly into the service and soak up the culture of the organization. Allied to marketing. The field of human resources has become a strategic department within the company. Marketing is a powerful ally when it comes to reinforcing and helping to convey certain messages and values ‚Äč‚Äčamong company employees. Collaboration between the two departments will be essential to effectively build and communicate the value proposition both externally (to attract talent) and internally (to retain it). Not without communication. Telecommuting has come abruptly and for this year companies are expected to bet on a mixed model. Intranets, corporate social networks or digital work desks will be essential everyday applications for employees to help them connect anytime, anywhere. This facilitates collaborative work and communication. Take care of health in all ways. Emotional well-being and mental health is a difficult topic to tackle, but after a year in which the global pandemic has become so significant, the human resources field has had to take care of its employees and have been forced to create prevention and prevention protocols. health that will be maintained in the future. In the coming months, companies will need to focus on employees to make them feel safe. Setting up tools such as chatbots so that employees have 24/7 lines of attention, solutions for practicing mindfulness or taking stress management courses will become a priority in many companies. Stimulate growth. The acceleration and digital transformation of companies are moving forward. For this reason, employee professional updating initiatives are essential, being aware at all times of the capacities and skills of the teams and of the gaps to be filled in the short, medium and long term. Re-qualification (acquiring new specialties to tackle new functions) and upgrading (training employees in new skills and abilities to develop and improve their work) are essential for the organization to evolve. Tools such as internal interactive portals can help companies energize development initiatives.

In such a changing landscape, it is practical to be able to update, adapt and innovate in all areas of the business. In Human Resources, there are many changes, but the possibilities offered by technology are endless. And is that despite what was feared a few years ago, technology is helping to humanize processes and talent management to bring companies closer to their employees.

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