Artificial intelligence in human resources

The human resources department is the one that has undergone the most changes and transformations in recent years. The adoption of technology has helped him automate routine tasks such as processing payroll. In many cases, they are already using artificial intelligence to do this.

This is the case with IBM, which already uses artificial intelligence to manage the field of human resources. So ensures the manager of this area, Amy Wright. According to Wright, HR managers need to use this kind of technology to strategically drive the business.

In this business, they use artificial intelligence to perform various tasks. One of them is the elimination of payment differences. According to the story, in 2016 IBM started using a compensation advisor. Thanks to this advisor, the human resources department receives salary increase recommendations based on market research.

They indicate that this type of technology was responsible for measuring the type of work, level and geographic location. The goal? Determine what the pay rates and new wages will be, but always objectively.

Influence technology

However, despite the benefits of this technology, the company has also realized that AI is influenced like humans in certain tasks.

Especially in those relating to the hiring of personnel.

Following its strategy of evolution, the company has partnered with Burger King Brasil.

The two companies intend to create a virtual assistant called TOP, which stands for Technology Orienting People. The new virtual assistant will allow employees to communicate with each other. They will do this through the WhatsApp application. But on top of that, they will also have access to HR resources such as pay stubs, income reports, and will be able to request time off and vacation through the same assistant.

IBM isn’t the only company using AI in HR. There are others like Spoke that provide employees with information about their benefits through AI.

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