Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing HR

Human resources departments improve their professional performance thanks to artificial intelligence. The consulting firm AIS Group has identified some advantages of this technology that can be applied to the field of HR. Among them, the automation of tasks or the improvement of productivity and profitability stand out.

According to the consulting firm, they indicate that AI is already being used to automatically read CVs. They show that a good part of the time devoted to personnel management is devoted to the selection process. However, “text mining” techniques make it possible to revise CVs in search of the most suitable keywords and characteristics according to the profile sought.

AI in the HR department

Another use of AI is to shortlist applicants. For this, AI systems rank candidates according to their suitability or not for the job offer. Thus, HR managers can invest their time in developing other tasks such as interviews or preparing career plans.

On the other hand, HR departments use bots in the recruitment process. This allows them to do a preliminary filtering to obtain the basic data of the candidates and to dispel doubts about the job offer. Likewise, thanks to chatbots, the suitability or otherwise of a candidate for the position can be confirmed after this first contact.

Likewise, Artificial Intelligence helps coordinate the interviewer’s agenda to select candidates. The AI ​​select manages the agenda to select the appropriate time slot to conduct the interviews. From the board, they point out that it is easy to automate systems of this type. For this, a calendar is made available to the candidate with different options of days and hours for the interview. He will have to choose which one is the best. This system saves the HR team from having to configure the agenda manually. It will be the applicants themselves who will make changes to the schedule according to their needs.

Apart from that, AI helps companies fight absenteeism. Artificial intelligence provides businesses with the tools they need to create the right shifts for every employee.

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