Artisans go online in the absence of Christmas markets

A few days ago, the city of Valencia announced that it was canceling its traditional Christmas markets. In other municipalities, for the moment, they have been suspended and it is still not certain that they will take place. In capitals, such as Madrid, where its traditional market opened in the main square on November 27, the number of stalls has been reduced by 50%. Many artisans have seen their businesses stagnate due to the coronavirus crisis. And it is a sector which employs 125,000 people and whose gross added value amounts to around 4,042 million euros. The crisis has hit this sector hard, which is looking for a way out by relying on the virtual world. As Eva Pijuan, an expert in digital marketing and specializing in digital craft businesses, notes, the craftsman finds an alternative outlet for his survival on the Internet.

Internet, the lifeline

According to a published study, currently 72% of Spanish internet users between the ages of 16 and 70 use the Internet as a purchasing channel. Without a doubt, the Internet has played a key role in safeguarding sales in a time of crisis like the current crisis. And, as the data confirms, this is an uptrend and it has remained. Face to face sales were reduced and led to a strengthening of the online channel.

Increased interest in starting online with “handmade” products

“In recent months, we have noticed an increase in the number of people asking for information on how to train for online entrepreneurship in the craft sector,” explains Eva Pijuan. These professionals, whose sales were physical sales, had to reinvent themselves and look for alternatives in order to survive. Internet was the solution. However, many of them, as Eva Pijuan argues, have good products and how to create them, but they don’t know what the keys are to getting them online and being able to monetize them that way.

The craftsman is in fashion

“The artisan, the traditional, the local and the natural, are in fashion”, underlines Pijuan, to which he adds “there is a growing public which seeks the difference, the special. This unique decorative element for your interior, this handmade garment for your children, ecological products… ”. All these types of products had a strong presence in the markets and, more specifically, in the Christmas markets. However, its cancellation or reduction has led these types of entrepreneurs to exploit other avenues.

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