as it is the latest initiative of the hotel sector to promote the employability of young people

Talent Helps Talent: This is the latest hospitality industry initiative to promote youth employability

The situation generated by COVID-19 and its consequences in different economic sectors have worsened the employment situation for young people. According to the latest Eurostat data, Spain remains at the top of youth unemployment in the European Union with 39.9% of those under 25 unemployed.

United to improve employability and generate opportunities for young people, 13 organizations and more than 100 professionals have joined to collaborate in TALENTO CRUZCAMPO, a social platform led by Cruzcampo, through his Foundation, which offers young people an experience personal and professional learning to improve the best of themselves: their focus.

In it, talent helps talent: with the aim of valuing the talent of young people as they progress, various social agents join the social action of the brewery to offer inspiration and tools to a generation seeking to forge its future. of work, in a sector that struggles to meet its challenges every day: the hotel industry.

Thus, TALENTO CRUZCAMPO benefits from the support of the CEOE Foundation, the Association des Indépendants, the ATA and the Marques de Restauration. Among other collaborations, the 50 hotel establishments that will support TALENTO CRUZCAMPO participants in their learning process or the incorporation of entities such as Autismo Sevilla, CEAR, Cruz Roja, DIRCOM, ESIC, Fundacin ISDI, Fundacin Prolibertas, Fundacin Valentn de Madariaga, Human Age Institut or Secot.

In the words of Regla Bejarano, director of the Cruzcampo Foundation: “our employees are key drivers of job creation. For young people to develop their best version and benefit from their accent, it is essential that they are in contact with the reality of business and society. Without a doubt, young people are an engine of change and we are committed to promoting their talents and preparing them for the future. “

For her part, Ftima Bez, president of the CEOE Foundation underlines that “the best social policy is employment, and companies have a lot to say in this process of integrating young people into the labor market, because it is companies that generate wealth and employment for society. “” For that, “adds Bez,” you have to make a firm commitment to training, which is what allows people to develop their professional careers and build their to come up”.

New capacities to develop talents in the hospitality industry

In this case, a future for the hospitality industry, a sector TALENTO CRUZCAMPO is focusing on with its first promotion, #FUERZABAR. With an average of 42% of sales and one in five businesses closing, the hospitality industry needs more support and leadership than ever before to overcome today’s challenges. Aware of this and committed to the sector, HEINEKEN Espaa, DIRCOM, ESIC, Fundacin ISDI, Fundacin Valentn de Madariaga, Human Age Institute and Secot turned to adding their experience by offering inspiration and tools to participants. of TALENTO CRUZCAMPO to integrate in the hospitality business to a generation with new capabilities for the business.

According to Loles Sala, director of the Human Age Institute Foundation, and of ManpowerGroup’s Talent and Culture for the Mediterranean region: “the hotel and restaurant sector has experienced a great revolution in recent years – and especially in 2020 – with the incorporation of technology and new business models, which challenge professionals to update their skills.We share with the Cruzcampo Foundation and its collaborators a firm desire to promote the employability of young people through specific training in professional context. is today more than ever conditioned by digital bilingualism and general transversal skills, much more in demand even than technical ones. Helping young people to improve their employability means giving them the key to accessing the jobs of the future and, at the same time, securing a future with jobs for all. “

Examples of new tools are the sustainability workshops of Mauricio Domnguez-Adame, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at HEINEKEN Spain; sessions on welcome communication with Vanessa Moreno, president of DIRCOM Andaluca; or masterclass on entrepreneurship offered by the Valentn de Madariaga Foundation.

“I got to know the hotelier thanks to the experience in the bar that my parents set up when they arrived from Peru, but at TALENTO CRUZCAMPO I discover a world of possibilities in areas that otherwise I would not have. could not learn. For example, knowing the importance of collecting and interpreting data in a restaurant with Enrique Hormigo, from Fundacin ISDI, is one of the most revealing sessions that have changed my way of looking at the business ”, comments Bruno Jamanca, participant in TALENTO CRUZCAMPO.

To this training with new capacities is added the fundamental role of the 20 mentors of TALENTO CRUZCAMPO, active hotel professionals who generously join the social action of the Cruzcampo Foundation offering personalized support to young people to help them find their way. familiarize with the actual functioning of a hospitality. company, bringing their experience, support and motivation in this approach to the world of work.

Social volunteering to help with talents

Completing vocational training and nurturing the social conscience of young people, they join TALENTO CRUZCAMPO, Cruz Roja, CEAR, Fundacin Prolibertas and Autismo Sevilla. These organizations provide program participants with different volunteering initiatives that pursue a common goal: to help with talents. Thus, the protagonists of TALENTO CRUZCAMPO act by leading their own personalized workshops, by supervising other young people at risk of social exclusion or by participating in other types of activities, according to the needs of each group.

Alejandro Rey Merino, one of the young researchers awarded by the Cruzcampo Foundation, joined the work of the Red Cross Childhood in Social Difficulty project and underlined the importance of volunteering in his learning experience. “Being able to teach and bake healthy baked goods for families in need is a task that fulfills me and helps me have a positive impact on my environment. Thanks to my time at TALENTO CRUZCAMPO I discovered the importance that this can have my vocation for the hospitality industry and how I can make it something that allows me to help others, something that I hope to continue to do. do at the end of the program ”.

A job opportunity with high employability

At the end of the training period, more employees join the social action of the Cruzcampo Foundation. More than 30 host institutions across the country will welcome TALENTO CRUZCAMPO participants in practice to facilitate their integration into the labor market, an initiative that has exceeded 80% of placement in other programs promoting the employability launched by the foundation. Likewise, through its hotel school, Fundacin Cruzcampo makes its new job portal available to program participants: a platform that connects hospitality talents by managing employment opportunities in the sector on a national scale. .

Thus, TALENTO CRUZCAMPO continues the work promoted by the social movement #FUERZABAR, framed in the commitment of Cruzcampo and the HEINEKEN Espaa family to support the hotelier in these delicate moments.

Stimulate talents

40 young people aged 18 to 30, boys and girls of different origins and of eight nationalities, determined to become agents of change in the hotel sector. They are the participants of #FUERZABAR, the first promotion of TALENTO CRUZCAMPO. Thanks to the scholarships granted by Cruzcampo, through its foundation, these young people benefit from a new program intended to improve their employability, which promotes their personal and professional development through experiences and training to face the current challenges of the industry. hotelier. The learning is transversal and its content goes well beyond the traditional disciplines of the living room and the kitchen. In this way, they not only learn how to operate in the practice of the sector, but also gain experience in managing the change that the new consumer demands and which challenges the sector in areas such as digital transformation, automation. processes, environmental management of restaurants or excellence. in the customer experience. After completing the program, participants will have the criteria to diagnose and implement innovations in the most difficult areas of the hospitality industry.

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