“As soon as we trust each other, we can go back”

Publication: Monday, November 30, 2020 11:06

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, warned this Monday morning that one should not trust each other because of the trend of the pandemic curve and the latest news on vaccines, after the images of the center of the capital this busy weekend: “As long as we are confident we can go back and a third wave cannot be allowed.”

“We must not let our guard down,” insisted Almeida, who also highlighted the coincidence of the Christmas lights coming on this weekend, including his one kilometer flag of Spain with LED lights, and “Black Friday” offers. “The images of the agglomeration always attract attention, but I insist on the fact that the plan worked,” he said, a few days before the closure of the community perimeter facing the bridge and for ten days .

The PP’s national spokesperson also appreciated the city council’s security plan, by which the capacity of the Plaza del Sol was to be controlled and two one-way routes established in the streets that connect it to the Plaza de Callao, the streets of Carmen and Preciados.

“My advice is not that they do not go to the center, but that they follow the rules”, advised the mayor.

On the possibility of reducing the capacity of the center, Almeida asked for time: “It’s Monday after the weekend. The municipal police must study and see the protocols that have been applied and see if anything needs to be changed. give time. to the municipal police “.

Many experts and health workers have expressed concern over the images the city presented on its streets on Saturday as they see it as heightened irresponsibility as many of them have been working piecemeal since the start of pandemic to prevent an increase in the number of cases and deaths in Spain. “They scare me because I think we are relaxing and it reminds me when, after the first wave, we thought we had beaten the virus,” lamented Juan Torres, head of the internal medicine department at Infanta Leonor hospital- Virgen de la Torre.

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