Asepeyo reaches record revenues in the Community of Madrid

Of the total of these contributions, 244,736,547 euros correspond to professional risks and 139,077,957 euros to common risks. La Mutua closed last year with 34,838 mutual companies in the Community of Madrid, offering its services to 481,027 employees and 59,026 self-employed workers.

In the context of the pandemic, at the economic level, the impact on mutuals has been direct in the management of extraordinary benefits for self-employed workers and victims of COVID-19. In 2020, in the Community of Madrid, 36,502 requests for cessation of activity of self-employed workers were processed and 82,777 injuries were recorded due to COVID-19. These publicly funded benefits continue until 2021.

As part of the collaboration with the public health system, the health crisis had a great impact on the activity of the Asepeyo Coslada hospital, which in a few days adapted its facilities as a center specializing in orthopedic surgery and traumatology. to treat the seriously ill. patients affected by COVID-19, coming from various hospitals of the public network of the Community of Madrid.

In the Asepeyo health care network of the Madrid community, made up of 21 own delegations and the Asepeyo Coslada hospital, 72,190 medical visits were made to mutual workers in 2020.

Asepeyo’s commitment to digital transformation has been strengthened and accelerated the innovation process, promoting management applications and process robotization, intensifying telemedicine, with more than 1,500 teleconsultations, among others. Asepeyo has been able to maintain open communication with its stakeholders, transforming face-to-face sessions into streaming events, webinars, and promoting the e-learning platform, specializing in content on occupational risk prevention.

national scope

Asepeyo closed the 2020 financial year with a consolidated result in professional and common risks of 20,068,507 euros, and with an income of 2,531 million euros, significantly improving the results for 2019. The number of companies associated with the Mutual amounted to 267,658 and protected workers in 2,709,299, of which 2,232,722 belong to the general scheme and 476,577 to the special scheme for self-employed workers.

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