Ashraf Ghani Imran Khan: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani attacks Pakistan for supporting the Taliban

The war of words between Pakistan and Afghanistan has escalated over allegations of aid to the Taliban. At an international summit held in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani sharply criticized Pakistan for supporting the Taliban. Most importantly, during this period Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was also seated on the stage. Ghani said Pakistan sent 10,000 jihadists to Afghanistan to help the Taliban.

10 thousand jihadists entered from pakistan
President Ashraf Ghani told a conference on “Regional connectivity in Central and South Asia: challenges and opportunities” that intelligence agencies estimate that more than 10,000 jihadist fighters from Pakistan and other countries are entered Afghanistan last month. The infiltration of so many fighters indicates the cooperation of their allies and international terrorist organizations.

Imran Khan confronted the Afghan President on stage in Tashkent and started counting Pakistan’s “sacrifices”
Despite assurances, Pakistan does not support
He said that we have received repeated assurances from Prime Minister Imran Khan and his generals that the occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban is not in Pakistan’s interest. He said he would use his power to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table. But organizations supporting the Taliban openly celebrate the destruction of the Afghan people, and the country’s property and capabilities.

Taliban try to starve cities
President Ghani said there is a consensus among credible international observers that the Taliban has taken no action to sever ties with terrorist organizations. Referring to recent Taliban attacks, Ghani said his political bureau had announced that it would not attack cities and provincial centers. On the contrary, their attacks are intensifying and they are trying to starve the cities by cutting off the supply.

Imran Khan fled on Taliban issue, wall in Indo-Pakistan friendship told RSS
We are ready to face the Taliban and their supporters
“We are ready to face the Taliban and their supporters until they realize that a political solution is the only way forward,” he said. He also said that we are calling on the Taliban to join forces with the Afghan government to end the recent war and the devastating attack.

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