Ashraf Ghani on Lashkar E Taiba: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says Taliban has close ties to Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar E Taiba Jaish E Mohammed and Al Qaeda

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Afghan President Ashraf Ghani launched a major attack on Pakistani terrorist organizations
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani launched a major attack on the Pakistan-raised Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist organizations. Ghani said the Taliban had “deep ties” with the Lashkar, Jaish and al-Qaeda terrorist groups. In addition, the Taliban are trying to make Afghanistan a “paradise” for terrorists. He said the Afghan government will not allow this to happen.

Ashraf Ghani, who reached the Special Operations Command Center on the day of Eid, pledged that he would continue to provide all necessary assistance to the Afghan Special Operations Force. “Our goal is to defend Afghanistan, freedom, equality and achievement, but our enemy’s intention is not right,” he said. Prove to your enemies that they are going to the graves with their dreams.
Taliban on their knees due to US-Afghan army’s tough stand – will find political solution for peace
“The enemy must know that we will never surrender”
The Afghan President has said that due to Afghanistan’s strategic location, our enemies are plotting revenge on us through war. We want to make peace, but the enemy needs to know that we will never surrender. ‘ He told the Afghan army that you have the ability to show the world and prove your ability. He said that Afghanistan is a common home for all the Afghan people and that it is our national duty to protect them until death.
6 countries of the world have pledged not to allow the Taliban to be captured by force of power
Earlier on Tuesday, it was said that the Taliban have no desire for peace. The government will now make a decision based on this Taliban wish for the future. He said, β€œThe Taliban have proven a lot. There is no desire for peace within the Taliban. He said the Taliban destroyed 260 government buildings. If it is Afghans, they should refrain from destroying people’s homes. Ghani said we have released 5,000 Taliban prisoners but they still don’t want peace.

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