Asian countries News: China increases its military activity, America and Japan enter into action; Us and Japan begin major military exercise as concerns over Chinese military activity grow in East China Sea

Seeing the increasing activity of China in the East China Sea, America and Japan also entered action mode. The armies of the two countries began simultaneous maneuvers in the waters and the sky. This maneuver is called Keen Sword. Besides the American aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and the Japanese helicopter carrier, dozens of warships participate.

Aircraft carriers and many warships participate
The Keane Sword Maneuver takes place once every two years between US and Japanese forces. It is made up of dozens of warships, hundreds of planes, and 46,000 soldiers, sailors and sea commandos from the United States and Japan. Cyber ​​warfare and electronic warfare training will also be provided for the first time in this exercise which will last until November 5.

Japan’s highest general watches over
The main Japanese military commander, General Koji Yamazaki, said the security situation around Japan has become increasingly critical. This gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the Japanese-American alliance. He himself is present on the Japanese helicopter carrier Kaga, supervising the maneuvers. The Kaga helicopter carrier recently returned to the East China Sea after conducting maneuvers with India in the Indian Ocean.

Japanese helicopter carrier also included
The 248-meter-long Kaga helicopter carrier is Japan’s largest warship. On this helicopter carrier, the F-35 stealth combat aircraft purchased from the United States will be deployed. For this, the upgrade work on this helicopter carrier will also be started from next year. The American F-35 aircraft has vertical landing capability. Therefore, the F-35 can be operated easily from the deck of this helicopter carrier.
The first maneuver of the mandate of the new Japanese PM
This is the first maneuver under the tenure of new Prime Minister Yoshide Suga since Shinzo Abe’s resignation from Japanese power. Recently, he advocated the Quod against China. He said Japan has always supported the protection of maritime law. He also said that we do not support any actions that cause tension in the South China Sea.

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