Asian Country News: China Reached America’s Nose As Biden Won, Debt Now Goes To This Country – China Expands Reach To Caribbean Country Jamaica After Joe Biden Win In Election American

China began to surround America after Joe Biden won the presidential election. The Jinping administration offered technical assistance to Jamaica, located near the United States, for the construction of debt and highways. If Jamaica accepts this gift from China, then the Chinese Communist Party will be caught under America’s nose.

China distributes drugs by spreading disease
It’s not that China has already started trying to bring Jamaica to its court. China has already sent several large shipments of corona virus test kits, masks and ventilators to Jamaica as part of its campaign to fight the spread of the disease. Not only that, China also donated a lot of security equipment to the security forces and the army there.

Jamaica accepted China’s offer
In addition to loans, the Chinese government is also trying to increase investments, diplomatic and cultural exchanges of Chinese companies. This led to a network of cultural centers in Jamaica. The government also welcomed this offer from China. However, China’s presence so close could be detrimental to the US government. In such a situation, America has also become active in stopping it.

China invests in Caribbean countries
Many small countries are inhabited in the Caribbean islands. They have minerals and other raw materials, but there is no system for their storage. China has made plans to take advantage of this weakness in Caribbean countries. In this context, many Chinese companies operating in the fields of logistics, banking and commerce are trying to expand their activities in these countries.

New country trapped in Chinese debt had to pay for its electricity grid

China plays ‘date trap diplomacy’
China is currently playing “date trap diplomacy” with countries around the world. Thanks to this, China grants loans to foreign countries in the name of the first infrastructure development. When that country is unable to repay that debt, it begins to capture their resources. The last example is Sri Lanka. Who had to cede one of its ports to Hambantota China in exchange for debt.

Due to China’s greed, the country’s environment, forest lands and animals are on the verge of ruin

Chinese occupation of Laos power grid
The government of Laos will give a large part of the national electricity grid to the Chinese national electricity company China Southern Power Grid Company in exchange for a loan to China. This will give Laos time to pay the Chinese. At the same time, Laos Energy Minister Khammani Intirath said giving the Chinese company ownership of the government power company would benefit from the experience, technology and human resources.

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