Asian lizard climbed shop wall Video goes viral: 9ft long ‘lizard’ climbed shop wall, people panicked

The video of a 9-foot-long lizard entering a shop has become a topic of discussion on social media. In this video, we see this giant creature climbing the wall of the store. As the lizard climbed the wall, many personal belongings fell on it. Many people got scared after watching the video. This lizard is said to be an Asian water monitor. This giant lizard is found widely in Thailand and the Philippines.

This viral video was shared on Twitter by a user named Pol Comaposada. The video of Gecko climbing the wall has been viewed over a million and a half times so far. About 4,000 people retweeted this video and 5,000,000 people liked it. However, it is not yet clear where the video came from. Pol Komaposada said this lizard can be easily spotted in Bangkok and other parts nearby.

A lizard costs around two lakh rupees
Pol said these lizards eat rotten things. The Thai people regard the name of this creature as an abuse. Experts say this lizard can grow up to nine feet long. These lizards have now reached the Americas and are found in many parts of Florida. The US Department of Wildlife is concerned that these giant lizards pose a major threat to other organisms.

These lizards are also smuggled into the United States from the Philippines. According to a report, the price of a lizard can range from Rs 70 thousand to Rs 2 lakh. These lizards depend on water and can swim very far. For this reason, these lizards are also found on many remote islands.

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