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Microsoft Flight Simulator Game News: Asobo Offers Simulation Slimming Treatment Posted on 05/29/2021 at 1:00 PM Posted on August 18, 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator agrees. The return of the iconic aviation simulation license entrusted to Asobo offers plenty of options for everyone to try out and uses cloud gaming to provide an immersive representation of the planet. The Microsoft Flight Simulator, which continues to be enriched with points of interest as well as monuments and airports with the free updates, was very cumbersome. As of May 25, the title weighed 170 GB, which caused some space problems on the players’ hard drives and SSDs. Since the Sim Update 4 update released on Wednesday, Microsoft Flight Simulator has lost half of its weight and now weighs “only” 83 GB. This welcome optimization will take the pressure off many gamers, and we can imagine that work is done with the release of the title on Xbox Series X this summer. However, the developers state that 150 GB of free space is always required at the time of installation. The rest of the patch note covers many bug fixes and various tweaks related to weather, navigation, aircraft, and creation tools. By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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