asteroid 2001 fo32: asteroid 2001 FO32 Fly By Earth: Asteroid 2001 FO32 will pass close to the earth

This year, the asteroid passing close to earth will come out on Sunday. However, this poses no threat to the earth. This asteroid, named 2001 FO32, measures several hundred meters in diameter and will pass 20 million km from Earth. This distance is five times greater than the distance between the moon and the earth. According to European Space Agency asteroid expert Detlef Koshni, this asteroid is stable and is not on a dangerous path. Astronomers will be able to see it with the help of tools.

This asteroid circles the sun every 810 days. It will return in 2052 after passing close to Earth on Sunday. Scientists will use it to learn more about asteroids. The first photo of this asteroid was captured by the Italy-based Virtual Telescope Project in its camera. The image of this asteroid was captured on camera when this huge boulder was 1.95 lakh kilometers from the earth.

This rock, taken in the night, March 14, in the middle of the stars, looks like a very luminous object in the rock. The Virtual Telescope Project said this potentially dangerous reef is approaching Earth safely. We are waiting for it to cross the earth on March 21. At the same time, we managed to take a picture of it. The speed of this asteroid will be 1.24,000 km / h.

Scientists have said that this asteroid will pass safely and that there is no risk to us. Although not threatened by this asteroid, the US space agency NASA has not ruled out the possibility that asteroids will not collide with Earth in the future. However, it is feared several centuries later. For this reason, NASA has placed it in the category of potentially dangerous asteroids.

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2001 FO32

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