Asteroid 2008 Go20: an asteroid will fly over the Earth under the gaze of NASA

An asteroid equivalent to the Great Pyramid of Giza will pass near Earth on Sunday. According to the estimates of the American space agency NASA, it will pass close to the Earth but there is no danger on its part. NASA keeps an eye on these asteroids because the orbit of these huge rocks is very wide and if there is any difference, the Earth could be in danger in the future.

The 2008 asteroid GO20 will emerge at 11:20 p.m. on Sunday evening, 4.5 million kilometers from Earth. Its speed can be around 29,000 km / h. Its size is estimated to be around 97 to 220 meters. Despite this, there is currently no danger to the earth. Rocks measuring 150 meters in diameter and originating 7.5 million kilometers from Earth are considered a potentially dangerous asteroid (PHA).

will pass close to the earth

NASA’s Center for Near Earth Objects monitors these PHAs. However, that does not mean that these asteroids are about to strike Earth or that they are currently in danger. In fact, the direction of the asteroid can change over time due to the effect of gravity. When this happens, the risk of collision increases.

Talk about 2008 GO20, then it went 13 lakh km from Earth on August 4, 1901. After that it will come on July 31, 1935 and now on Sunday and then on July 24, 2034 it will come out 50 lakh km.

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Asteroid (archive photo)

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