asteroid: a 200-meter asteroid will pass in the sky on Christmas night, the speed will be 36,000 km per hour – the 2014 sd224 asteroid nearly 200 meters in diameter will pass close to Earth on Christmas day, says the nasa

Fireworks can be seen in the sky on Christmas night this year. On December 25, 2014, an asteroid named SD224 will pass close to Earth at a speed of approximately 36 thousand kilometers per hour. This asteroid was first discovered in September 2014. Then, it was estimated that after a few years it could pass through our earth. The thickness of this asteroid has been measured around 200 meters.

The night of December 25 will be closest to Earth
NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies predicts that 2014 SD 224 will come close to Earth on the night of December 25. NASA scientists said in their statement that the asteroid will pass at a safe distance of about 3 million kilometers from Earth. For this reason, no effect of asteroids is expected on Earth. Explain that any asteroid passing through Earth’s orbit is considered a potential danger.

Other asteroids are also approaching Earth
2014 SD 224 won’t be the only asteroid to approach Earth on Christmas night. On the contrary, on Christmas Eve, two asteroids will cross the earth. One of them is named 2012 XE133. Its thickness is about 120 meters. NASA is keeping a close eye on all the asteroids that approach Earth.

NASA’s eye for the next 100 years
NASA’s Sentry System is already monitoring these threats. There are currently 22 such asteroids that are unlikely to reach Earth in the next 100 years. The first and biggest asteroid 29075 (1950 DA) on this list which won’t come before 2880. It is also three times the size of the Empire State Building in the United States and was once thought to be the most likely to hit the Earth.

This asteroid can strike the earth
The name VP1 2018 Asteroid is expected to hit Earth between 2020 and 2025, but it’s only 7 feet wide. A 177 feet larger asteroid 2005 ED224 may hit Earth between the years 2023-2064.

What are asteroids?
Asteroids are rocks that orbit the sun like any planet, but are much smaller than planets. Most of the asteroids in our solar system are found in the asteroid belt orbiting Mars and Jupiter, that is, Mars and Jupiter. Apart from that, they orbit other planets and revolve around the sun with the planet. About 4.5 billion years ago, when our solar system formed, clouds of gas and dust that could not take the form of a planet and were left behind were been transformed into these rocks. This is the reason why their shape is not even circular like the planets. No two asteroids are the same.

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