asteroid bennu osiris rex: spaceship OSIRIS REx from asteroid Bennu leaves for earth: spaceship freed from asteroid benu for Earth

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrived on the asteroid Bennu in 2018 to find answers to questions such as the origin of Earth and the beginning of life. U.S. space agency NASA has studied the asteroid for several years and sampled it in October of last year. Now he’s coming back to Earth, creating the story of asteroids. He will travel for two years and come back to earth.

The asteroid OSIRIS-REx took off from Bennu and in 7 minutes it shot from Bennu at a speed of 600 miles per hour. It will take two years to get back to Earth and it is expected to land on September 24, 2023. Scientists are currently working to make it safe on Earth. To land it on the ground, it will be very important to bring it to the right angle.

If it hits directly, there will be a possibility that the capsule will strike the atmosphere and burn if there is a low angle, then there will be a fear of hitting the atmosphere and returning to space. As it approaches land, its sample return capsule will separate, which contains rocks and dust. It will reach the earth with the help of parachutes through the earth’s atmosphere.

After its return, the capsule will be moved to the facilities of the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Here the samples will be taken and sent to different laboratories around the world where scientists will analyze them. With this help, one can get answers to many questions related to the formation of the solar system and the beginning of life on earth. NASA had reported that his return would be delayed for two months. He will return in September 2023.

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