Asteroid dinosaur: impact of an asteroid on a dinosaur taking them to the moon: a dinosaur caught an asteroid on the moon

Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon, but even before that someone had been there. It is believed that dinosaurs reached the moon 696 million years ago. The possibility that at least some of his pieces could be found there was expressed in Peter Brannon’s 2017 book The End of the World, which is very popular on social media these days.

Has the catastrophic asteroid wreaked havoc?

Blogger Matt Austin shared part of the book on Twitter. In fact, it is believed that an asteroid collided with the earth behind the extinction of the dinosaurs. The book claimed that the debris reached the moon when it struck the asteroid on Earth. Brannon is an award-winning science journalist. He learned that this asteroid was more massive than Mount Everest and that it was coming towards Earth at a faster speed than any bullet.

What happened to the asteroid?

The book quoted geophysicist Mario Reboledo as saying that the asteroid’s atomospheric pressure was so high it was already in the ground before it collided. It has been written that this asteroid was so huge that it did not cause any damage when it entered the atmosphere and fell completely to the ground. Brannon says the pressure created by the asteroid created a vacuum instead of air in the sky above.

what would happen?

In order to fill this void, the pieces of earth moved forward of the orbit. Brannon asked Reboledo if the dinosaur bones were on the moon, Reboledo said, possibly. The asteroid’s fall caused a 120-mile crater, rocks evaporated, and billions of tons of sulfur and carbon dioxide rose into the sky. The dust created by it would have blocked the sunlight, resulting in winter temperatures, acid rain from the sky and 75% of the organisms lost.

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