asteroid from nasa 2021 gm4: Asteroid News: asteroid in the shape of Burj Khalifa coming towards Earth at 22,000 km / h

US space agency NASA has warned that the giant 250-meter asteroid is heading towards Earth orbit at a speed of 22,000 km / h. This asteroid will pass very close to Earth’s orbit on July 1. NASA has been monitoring this asteroid closely since 2006. It is twice the size of the London Eye and the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. This asteroid was named “2021 GM4”.

NASA said the 2021 GM4 asteroid could be between 110 meters and 250 meters wide. This asteroid was first identified on October 10, 2006. A similar giant asteroid 2020 DM4 passed near Earth’s orbit in May 2020. This asteroid is currently moving at a speed of 6.29 km per second. According to scientists’ estimates, this 2021 GM4 asteroid will reach near Earth orbit on Thursday, July 1.

NASA has classified it as a dangerous asteroids. This asteroid is the third of the 5 to come in recent times. It is estimated that this asteroid could be the size of the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. These days, NASA is monitoring two thousand asteroids that may become a threat to Earth. While a high-speed space object is likely to approach within 46.5 million kilometers of Earth, space organizations consider it dangerous. NASA’s Sentry System is already monitoring these threats. In this, for the next 100 years, there are currently 22 of these asteroids that have the slightest chance of hitting Earth.

What are asteroids?
Asteroids are rocks that revolve around the sun like a planet, but they are much smaller than planets. Most of the asteroids in our solar system are found in the asteroid belt in the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. Apart from that, they continue to move in the orbit of other planets and revolve around the sun with the planet. About 4.5 billion years ago, when our solar system formed, those clouds of gas and dust that could not take the form of a planet and were left behind, were transformed into these rocks, that is, into asteroids. This is the reason why their shape is not round like the planets either. No two asteroids are the same.

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