Asteroid News: 2021 AF8 football-sized asteroid jostling towards Earth NASA

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Another giant asteroid from Earth is moving very fast towards Earth. This asteroid is the size of a football field, and according to Hanasa scientists watching it, this asteroid will pass close to Earth on May 4.
After passing through Earth, the god of destruction, Apophis and the biggest asteroid of the year, now another giant asteroid is heading towards Earth at high speed. It’s the size of an asteroid football field and that’s why NASA scientists are keeping a close eye on asteroid 2021 AF8. According to scientists, this asteroid will pass close to Earth on May 4.

NASA estimates that the size of this asteroid ranges from 260 to 580 meters. This asteroid was first discovered by scientists in March. The US Space Agency said this AF8 2021 is much smaller than other large asteroids that have passed through Earth in space, but still very dangerous. The agency said asteroid AF8 2021 is passing close to Earth at a speed of 9 km per second.
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NASA’s eye for the next 100 years
Scientists have said that this asteroid can safely pass at a distance of around 3.4 million kilometers. Even after that, astronomers keep a close eye on this Apollo-based asteroid. This asteroid has been classified by NASA as a potentially dangerous asteroid. NASA’s Sentry System is already monitoring these threats. There are currently 22 such asteroids that are unlikely to reach Earth in the next 100 years. The first and largest asteroid 29075 (1950 DA) on this list which will not come before 2880. It is also three times the size of the Empire State Building in the United States and was once believed to have the largest probability of touching Earth.

What are asteroids?
Asteroids are rocks that revolve around the sun like any planet, but are much smaller than planets. Most of the asteroids in our solar system are found in the asteroid belt in the orbit of Mars and Jupiter, that is, Mars and Jupiter. Apart from that, they orbit other planets and revolve around the sun with the planet. About 4.5 billion years ago, when our solar system formed, the clouds of gas and dust that could not take the form of a planet and were left behind were transformed into these rocks, that is, asteroids. This is the reason why their shape is not as round as that of the planets. No asteroid is alike.

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