Asteroid News: Apophis will fly close to Earth in March 2021 – Asteroid Apophis will pass close to Earth

The third most dangerous asteroid Apophis, called the “God of Destruction”, will pass near Earth on March 6. A few days ago, her first photo appeared in front of the world. Apophis is considered the king of all potentially dangerous asteroids. At about 370 meters wide, this rock is likely to touch the earth in the next 48 years, but according to scientists at NASA, this is highly unlikely. It will be broadcast live 24 hours a day on a virtual telescope project passing close to Earth. This asteroid Apophis, which caused a catastrophe, means in Greek, the god of destruction.

Why the God of Destruction?

The virtual telescope project succeeded in redrawing the image of the asteroid’s apophis after 8 years of surveillance. It is considered to be one of the most dangerous rocks found in the supernatural asteroid solar system. The power of this 27 billion kilogram asteroid can be measured by the fact that if it hits the earth, a pit can form in the earth about a mile wide and 518 meters deep. Moreover, it would have the same effect as an explosion of 88 million tons of TNT, which would be 65 thousand times more terrible than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Afraid of a collision with the earth?

According to the assessment, the asteroid Apophis will pass at a distance of about 16 million million kilometers from Earth. The asteroid’s orbital path will not be affected due to the passage at such a distance. Asteroid processes can be easily seen with a telescope. University of Hawaii astronomer David Tholen said data from the Subaru Telescope showed Apophis was gaining momentum. Scientists say that if this asteroid only passes the correct distance in 2029, Earth’s gravitational force will change course and return in 2068 and could strike Earth on April 12, 2068.

Increase in size

Apophis is made of nickel and iron asteroids, and the radar image shows that it is constantly lengthening. Its shape now becomes like peanuts. However, the researchers also said further analysis was still needed. Scientists are studying whether it will reach Earth in 2068. Previous research had indicated that the probability of this asteroid crashing was only 2.7%. The god of destruction Apophis is taller than the Eiffel Tower in France.

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