Asteroid News: Asteroid could spark refugee crisis on Earth with Europeans fleeing to Asia safely

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Experts have warned the world amid fears of an asteroid colliding with Earth, saying it will not only wreak havoc but create a global refugee crisis.
Amid fears of an asteroid colliding with earth, experts warn that if such a crisis ever arises, it will not only wreak havoc, but create a serious human rights crisis around the world. He said if the threat of an asteroid collapsed it would trigger a major refugee crisis around the world and people could leave Europe and America and move to Asia, Asia. western and Pacific Ocean.

Faced with this danger, space experts are meeting this month to develop an emergency plan in the event of an asteroid strike on Earth. Experts warn that we must not only prepare for the initial impact of the asteroid attacks, but also be prepared for the human rights crisis that arises afterwards.
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The refugee crisis will strike all over the world
The Planetary Defense Conference will be held in Vienna from April 26-30. At this meeting, space experts will discuss what to do if something like an asteroid approaches Earth. Scientists will test their preparations using an imaginary asteroid. Will also work on ways to avoid it.

Meanwhile, scientists will try to find out which part of the Earth’s asteroid it will strike from. Scientists estimate that if a small asteroid collides for a few kilometers, and if a large asteroid collides, it can have an impact of up to several hundred kilometers. He says if we don’t prepare in advance, in this explosion thousands of people can be killed. There may be flooding in coastal areas. It will create a refugee crisis all over the world. Scientists predict asteroids in the United States and Europe could collide, causing a refugee crisis in Asia.

How much damage to the earth?
When entering the atmosphere, rocks in the sky shatter and burn, and are sometimes seen from the earth as a meteorite. They can damage the earth if it is too big, but there is not much danger from small pieces. At the same time, they usually fall into the seas because water is present over most of the land.

If a high speed space object is supposed to approach nearly 46.5 lakh miles from Earth, then it is considered dangerous by space organizations. NASA’s Sentry System is already monitoring these threats. There are currently 22 such asteroids that are unlikely to reach Earth in the next 100 years.

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