asteroid protection: how Earth will deal with the impact of asteroids: how to prevent asteroids from heading towards Earth

Asteroids have already collided with Earth and scientific assessments show it can happen again. This is why space agencies in many countries are trying to find a way to save the earth and human civilization from this collision. The US Space Agency’s NASA is also working on many such methods, but recently in one of its exercises it was found that we do not have such technology at the moment to save the Earth. of an asteroid.

One week
In this study, the researchers created a hypothetical situation. With the help of this simulation, we tried to see how long it would take to prepare to prevent a dangerous asteroid from coming to Earth. This fictional asteroid would travel from Earth at a distance of 35 million miles and experts had a week to deal with it. At the start of this simulation, we saw it fall in Europe and North Africa and finally between Germany and the Czech Republic.

NASA’s plan to get dangerous asteroid away from Earth, know what the DART mission is
Currently no technology
Scientists who participated in the study came to the conclusion that at present there is no technology in the world to protect against asteroids in such a short time. He clarified that to avoid such space rocks, it would take at least 6 months. He also said asteroids can be destroyed with weapons like nuclear to reduce the impact. Even if the collision cannot be avoided, there will be a possibility of reducing the damage.

What is NASA’s plan?
At the same time, NASA’s plan is to launch a spacecraft in July that will strike the asteroid coming towards Earth and turn its direction. This collision will be so far away that it will not cause any damage to the Earth. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will release half a ton of projectiles onto a small asteroid circling an asteroid named Didymos. His name is Didymoon.

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