asteroid solution: NASA will push back the asteroid via DART: NASA’s DART will carry away the asteroid from Earth

In July, NASA will launch a spacecraft that collides with an asteroid coming towards Earth and turning its direction. This collision will be so far away that it will not cause any damage to the Earth. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will release half a ton of projectiles onto a small asteroid circling an asteroid named Didymos. His name is Didymoon.

A small camera is installed
A small camera will be placed on the refrigerator-sized impactor to capture the collision before sending it to Didymoon. According to Lindsay Johnson, NASA’s planetary defense officer, approximately 2,078 asteroids are currently classified as dangerous. He said, “There are hundreds of asteroids in space. We want to separate these asteroids which need to be monitored constantly.

Can bend the direction
NASA considers anything 140 meters wide to be a dangerous asteroid, which is expected to cover 5 million kilometers from Earth in the near future. Although this distance seems too great, but a slight change in the trajectory of the asteroid can cause it to turn towards the earth. Johnson said NASA determined this distance after looking at all aspects.

He said: ‘A two-mile-long boulder in 1990 MU will pass close to Earth on June 6, 2027. Johnson said:’ We don’t want such a big thing to hit the earth. ‘ According to NASA, there are around 22 asteroids (meteorites) that could approach Earth in the coming years and could be at risk of collision.

The most dangerous asteroid with ‘Mahasunami’, disaster will occur if it collides


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