Astrazeneca coronavirus blood clot: Death in Britain after receiving AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine due to blood clot: UK death from blood clots after corona virus vaccine

As the world has expected from the Oxford-AstraZeneca corona virus vaccine, some of the effects seen in some people after taking it in European countries have also increased. The British medical regulator told Shaniwar that of the 30 people who saw a blood clot after taking the vaccine, 7 had died. In many countries, the vaccine is currently banned, while there is not yet a direct blood clotting relationship with the vaccine.

“ The benefits of the vaccine are more than the risks ”
The UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency issued a statement saying that of the 30 cases reported as of March 24, 7 have died. The British regulator said 30 cases of blood clots occurred after the administration of 1.81 crore doses in the country. Based on existing data, the benefits of the Corona virus vaccine were found to be more than any risk, the website said. The company also clarified that its vaccine did not increase the risk of blood clotting.

“ Any vaccine can be administered ”
At the same time, no such report regarding the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine has come to light. 3.1 million first doses have been given in the UK and people do not have the right to choose the company. Previously, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), as well as the World Health Organization (WHO), had declared the vaccine safe. On April 7, a new opinion can be issued on this subject.

“ Risk factor not found ”
On Wednesday, the agency said the vaccine was safe and said no specific risk factors were found based on age, gender or medical history. In the Netherlands, people under the age of 60 from the vaccine were arrested on Friday. Five new cases have been reported here, one of which has died. Germany took the same step last week.

What do the new central government guidelines contain on the corona vaccine?

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