AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine: Canada stops coronavirus vaccine for fear of blood clots: Corona virus vaccine in Canada for fear of blood clots

Canada on Monday banned the application of the Kovid-19 vaccine developed by Oxford AstraZeneca to people under the age of 55. The government made this decision given the possibility of a vaccine linked to the rare occurrence of blood clots in this age group. On Monday, announcing the postponement of AstraZeneca’s vaccination schedule for people in this age group, it was said that the National Advisory Committee on Immunization had recommended that the vaccination be stopped for safety reasons.

Dr Shelley Dick, Chair of the National Immunization Advisory Committee, said: “There is great uncertainty about the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine for people under 55 against the potential risk.

The DIN recommends it among European data, according to which the risk of blood clots from the vaccine is estimated in one in a million cases, much higher than the prediction of one in a million in the past. He said most of the people who took the blood clot in Europe, who complained of blood clotting, were women under 55 and had a 40 percent death rate.

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