Astrazeneca coronavirus vaccine: EU criticizes AstraZeneca for reduced production of coronavirus vaccine – EU criticizes Astrazeneca for lack of vaccine production

Senior European Union official criticized AstraZeneca for drastically cutting production of Kovid-19 vaccine for the 27-country association and warned they would be forced to take action if there is a production shortfall . The head of the European Commission health unit, Sandra Gelina, told MEPs on Tuesday that vaccine producers like Pfizer and Moderna were producing roughly as promised, but that there was a problem with AstraZeneca, which is the only one company with which we have a serious problem.

The European Union faces criticism over the slowness of vaccination and a third of vaccination takes place in the EU compared to the United States and the United Kingdom.

“We don’t even provide a quarter of the AstraZeneca vaccine dose,” Gelina said. He also said the EU could take action against AstraZeneca. He said that we certainly intend to take action because you know this is a problem that cannot be left as it is.

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