Astrazeneca covid-19 vaccine: AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine 76% effective in US trials results Updated: AstraZeneca corona vaccine 76% effective in US trials

Anglo-Swedish drug maker AstraZeneca has claimed its vaccine has been shown to be 76% effective in trials in the United States. Let us tell you that a few days ago, U.S. officials also berated AstraZeneca for delaying the vaccine investigation and hiding the data. After which AstraZeneca claimed to have re-examined the data from the study and concluded that the vaccine was effective in up to 76% of these cases of corona virus infection.

There was an allegation of data masking
AstraZeneca, in a study conducted earlier this week, claimed that up to 79% of its vaccines were effective. The day before, an independent committee analyzing the study accused AstraZeneca of hiding the data. The committee, in a heavily worded letter to the company and US health officials, said the company had dropped some of the Kovid-19 cases mentioned in the study.

AstraZeneca has been reprimanded by the American Institute of Health
Disputes over study data are generally kept confidential, but the National Institutes of Health, taking unexpected action, has publicly asked AstraZeneca to correct the discrepancies. The question now is whether the company’s new calculations will put an end to the tension.

Dr Anthony Fauchi said – Dispute will end now
U.S. infectious disease specialist Dr Anthony Fauchi told reporters on Wednesday that he hopes the dispute will end when federal regulators publicly review all data. He speculated that it would be a good vaccine.

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