Astrazeneca Covid 19 vaccine update: health experts warn that if Astrazeneca Covid 19 vaccine is discontinued, benefits will be less loss will be more – Corona crisis: experts warn, AstraZeneca vaccine has stopped gains, lost more

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Experts have issued a serious warning that the use of AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine has been severely warned, saying banning this corona vaccine could reduce benefits and increase losses. The warning comes at a time when many countries, including Germany, have banned AstraZeneca. vaccine. Washington / London
Experts have warned against the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Corona virus vaccine, which is used in many countries around the world, including India. He said that by refusing the vaccine, the benefits may be less and the losses may be greater. The warning comes at a time when many countries around the world, including Germany, France and Italy, have stopped using AstraZeneca’s vaccine after being suspected of blood clotting.

Experts said the public shouldn’t come to this conclusion about the safety of the vaccine without any solid research. US health expert Professor Susan Ellenberg says a vaccine is made in such a way that it prevents things like infection or disease. He said the vaccine cannot stop all the bad things that can happen to a human being. Therefore, when a vaccine is used around the world, all the bad things that can happen should happen.
Germany, France and Italy have temporarily banned the use of the coronavirus vaccine by AstraZeneca
“ The link between coagulation and the vaccine is not yet identified ”
Ellenberg said: “When it comes to the introduction of a vaccine, people understand that it is definitely caused by the vaccine or at least they suspect that it was probably caused by the vaccine. Allenberg and many other experts have argued that when a new vaccine arrives or the drug market becomes available to the general public, it is often a health issue.

Experts said that no link between blood clotting and the vaccine has yet been identified. He warned that a vaccine ban could do more harm than good for countries. Health expert Michael from the University of Southampton, UK, says there is still a lot of corona on either side, so you should have a solid number to avoid a vaccine for this health emergency. He said delaying the vaccine could lead to more deaths.

Previously, the Italian pharmaceutical controller took precautionary measures on Monday to temporarily stop the use of AstraZeneca’s anti-Kovid-19 vaccine. This step was taken after reports of incidents of blood clotting reported after taking the vaccine. France and Germany also imposed a temporary ban on the use of the vaccine on Monday. At the same time, AstraZeneca and global health officials have claimed the vaccine is safe. A 57-year-old teacher in Italy’s northern Piedmont region was vaccinated on Saturday and died on Sunday morning. Bodies have been sent for testing in these other cases, including this one.

On the blood clotting complaint, AstraZeneca said this
Following the ban on the use of the AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine in many countries, the company says there has been no evidence of blood clotting due to their vaccine. “Safety is paramount and the safety of its vaccine is continuously monitored by the company,” AstraZeneca said in a statement Sunday. He added: ‘All available data relating to the safety of the more than 17 million people vaccinated in the European Union and the United Kingdom has been thoroughly examined, including blood in the lungs of any group of age and any gender or residents of a particular country. we have found evidence of the danger of coagulation, loss of platelets in the blood ”.

India reviews AstraZeneca’s Corona vaccine
India has decided to undertake a full review of its side effects following reports that AstraZeneca becomes a blood clot after the introduction of the Corona vaccine. The Indian Serum Institute in India manufactures this vaccine under the name “Kovishield”, which is used in the world’s largest corona vaccination underway in the country. Currently, only 2 vaccines are used in India, of which the second vaccine is “Covaccine” from Bharat Biotech.

N. of the National Kovid-19 Task Force K. Arora told AFP news agency: “We are closely monitoring all cases with side effects, especially severe cases which have resulted in death or hospitalization after being vaccinated. ” He said there was nothing to worry about at the moment as there were very few cases of vaccine side effects in India. Arora said: “We are now looking at the cases of side effects to see if there is a blood clot.”

Experts warn AstraZeneca to stop Corona vaccine

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