Astrazeneca Covid Vaccine Update: German Scientists Solve Astrazeneca Covid 19 Vaccine Blood Clot Puzzle – German Scientists Explain Why Blood Pools From Covichelid Vaccine? what is the treatement?

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In many countries around the world, the Corona vaccine from Oxford-AstraZeneca is applied very quickly in India, this vaccine is applied on behalf of Kovishield and millions of people have applied it now. The reasons for freezing have been discovered
The Oxford-AstraZeneca Corona vaccine is rapidly being applied in many countries around the world to combat the ravages of the corona virus. In India this vaccine is applied under the name of Kovishield. So far, thousands of people have taken the first or second dose of this vaccine. In the meantime, there have been many cases of blood clotting with the covicillin vaccine around the world. For this reason, there is fear among people about the covicillate vaccine. Today, a senior German scientist claimed to have found the cause of blood clotting after the vaccine and its treatment.

There have been many serious cases of blood clotting around the world after the introduction of the corona vaccine by Oxford and Johnson & Johnson. This blood clotting has been observed in particular in women under the age of 50. 30 million doses have been applied in the UK, in which 309 cases of blood clotting have been reported. For this reason, the Oxford vaccine has been banned in many countries in Europe. In Britain, too, people under 40 have been advised not to be vaccinated.

“This problem is in the adenovirus vector”
Meanwhile, researchers at the German University of Goethe and the University of Ulm said the problem lies in the adenovirus vector. It is a common virus through which the vaccine can enter the body. Professor Rof Marschalek, a professor at Goethe University, told the British Financial Times newspaper that the Oxford coffinial vaccine poses problems because it is an adenovirus vector vaccine. In the Oxford vaccine, the genetic material of the new virus was used in combination with adenovirus genes to increase immunity.

Dr Rolf said the cold virus has changed so it doesn’t make you sick. It also contains part of the genetic material of the corona vaccine. This is the part that acts as a spike protein of the virus. This is why the antibodies identify and inactivate the virus. With the help of advanced proteins, the virus enters and infects our cells. When the vaccine is applied inside the body, the body recognizes the protease and prepares antibodies against it.

More cases of blood clotting have been seen after taking the second dose
Dr Rolf said the vaccine is sent to the center of our cells where there is genetic material. The fluid is inside the center of the cell and it is where the virus makes proteins. He said that upon reaching the center of the cell, part of the spike protein breaks down and prepares for the mutant version which later enters the body, leading to blood clots. The blood stops reaching the brain due to clotting and the patient dies due to a brain hemorrhage.

According to the Daily Mail news, there were more cases of blood clotting in the UK after taking the second dose. Dr Rolf said there is a solution to this crisis. The vaccine can be genetically modified so that when the spike protein enters our cells, it does not divide into several parts. He said AstraZeneca had not contacted him yet for this solution.

AstraZeneca’s corona virus vaccine accumulates blood

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