Astrazeneca oxford covid vaccine approval: new Corona strain is out of control in UK, oxford vaccine can be approved at any time – astrazeneca oxford covid vaccine can be approved in Britain anytime amid news coronavirus strain

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Europeans may have to wait longer for the Oxford corona vaccine. The European watchdog said the vaccine is not yet ready for approval in Europe. In the UK and India, the Oxford vaccine could be approved very soon.
Europeans may still have to wait a long time for the Oxford University Corona virus vaccine, even after the corona virus has acquired a new strain. The European Surveillance Institute said this corona vaccine is not yet ready for approval in Europe. On the other hand, the Oxford vaccine in Britain and India could be approved very soon.

The European Medicines Authority said it had not yet received all the data to give emergency approval to the Corona vaccine from Oxford. Noel Vetheyan, deputy executive director of the authority, said they could not approve this vaccine until February. Meanwhile, UK officials can approve the use of the Oxford corona virus vaccine at any time.

This outbreak is now out of control after the new strain of virus
Britain is hoping the arrival of the home vaccine from Oxford will help them cope with the outbreak on the New Year. The epidemic has now gotten out of control after a new strain of Corona virus arrived in Britain. The condition is that the hospitals are full and people must be treated in tents. The UK has already placed an order for 100 million doses. This oxford vaccine is very inexpensive and can be stored in a common refrigerator for ease of application.

Pfizer’s Corona vaccine has so far been applied to 6 million people in the UK. Let us know that after new strains of the Corona virus arrive in Britain, the country is surprised by the sudden increase in the number of infections. Now this strain has reached many countries around the world including India. Meanwhile, Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca, has claimed that his vaccine will also work against new strains of the corona virus. His company, with the UK University of Oxford, manufactures the vaccine against the corona virus.

Vaccine claims to be effective against new strains
In an interview, the CEO of the company said his vaccine is also expected to be effective against new strains of the corona virus. The Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine in India has a link with the Serum Institute of India. It is believed that this vaccine will be approved by the UK government by Thursday. After that, the work of distributing the vaccine to the populations will begin as soon as possible.

CEO said – vaccine will ensure 100% safety
AstraZeneca CEO has assured that his vaccine will provide 100% protection against Corona. He also said that in the results of the trial, his vaccine found 95% effectiveness of Pfizer-Bioentech and 94.5% of Moderna. He said that we believe that after two doses we have found the formula for how effectiveness can be found.

Oxford’s Corona vaccine can be approved at any time in Britain

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