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Hardware news The Astro City Mini is late in France Published on 05/27/2021 at 6:40 am, updated on 05/27/2021 at 6:39 am The Astro City Mini arcade machine Mini, announced in July 2020, was expected in France on 28th of May. After two days of supposed availability of the machine, Just for Games and Sega announce a postponement. If you pre-ordered the machine at the suggested price of € 159.99, now you’ll have to wait until June 22nd to get your hands on the machine and use the built-in stick. However, let’s take advantage of this unfortunate announcement to remember the Astro City Mini, highlight the list of included titles and introduce the accessories available. The Astro City Mini is a 1: 6 scale reproduction of a legendary arcade machine from 1993, equipped with a 4-inch 720p screen and 37 games. Let’s start with the accessories that can be purchased separately: Astro City Mini-Controller: 39.99 euros, Astro City Mini-Arcade-Stick: 179.99 euros, Astro City Mini-Arcade-Stick Sega Toys Edition (pink): 179.99 euros For The games have 36 classic titles, but also a new game called Dottori Kun, which never left Japanese arcades. Here is the full list of the games built into the small terminal: By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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