Asturias decree the closure of all non-essential activity and request 15-day home confinement

Publication: Monday, November 2, 2020 12:44

Asturias has decreed the closure of all non-essential economic activity, including bars and restaurants, and has announced that it will ask the health ministry to impose a home lockdown in the region for 15 days. “If we had the capacity, we would have done it already, tomorrow we have a meeting with the ministry and we expressed it this way”, they explained, assuring that in the meantime “we cannot wait”.

In an appearance to announce new restrictions against record infections and deaths in the region last week, President Adrián Barbón announced a battery of measures that will take effect from Tuesday to Wednesday evening.

The President of the Principality assured that the aim was to avoid social contact and, although he pointed out that the government of Asturias did not have the competence to decree house arrest, he asked the central executive to do so for 15 days.

Barbón said the situation is “critical” in the development of this second wave. “This is something that was not expected, not only in Spain, but in the rest of Europe. Everyone has to adopt very drastic measures,” he explained.

The increase in health pressure and the number of coronavirus infections yesterday raised the alert level in the region from three to four, the main reason why the government decided to announce these new measures. An idea that he emphasized today: “We could behave in a borderline hospital situation, and this is what must be avoided”.

Asturias had already closed the perimeter of the entire autonomous community and its three main municipalities: Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés due to the rise of the pandemic. In addition, it has instituted a curfew between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m., a period during which meetings with more than six people are prohibited. The hotel was also ordered to close at 11:00 p.m.

“Critical” situation in the region

Yesterday, ten new deaths were added – four more than Friday – 73 hospitalizations, including thirteen in intensive care and 282 new infections. With this increase, in the absence of today’s data, 534 patients positive for the coronavirus or suspected of having it are hospitalized in the department, and 92 more in ICU beds.

After eight days in which more than 3,000 infections were detected and during which the deceased, hospitalized in the department and in the ICU rose up, the Asturian government insisted that the situation in the region ” is critical “.

The government explained that “the UCI posts they usually work with in Asturias are already at the maximum occupancy level”, so that the additional capacity is already starting to be used.

“Faced with this situation and this threat of collapse, we must react in a very energetic manner,” he explained at a press conference. Thus, they explained that if this clue can be contained, the goal will be achieved: “We will deploy the full potential of our health system, but it is necessary that all of society make full use of ourselves.”

In this context, President Adrián Barbón decreed the “need to implement new containment measures”. Measures to “intensify the decrease in mobility and personal interaction to avoid an increase in cases with an impact on the health system”.

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