Asturias Provincial Court suspends sentence of former union leader Fernández Villa

Publication: Tuesday, January 19, 2021 10:51

The sentence of former union leader Fernández Villa is suspended. The Provincial Court of Asturias granted this Tuesday to José Angel Fernández Villa, former union leader and former PSOE deputy, the suspension of the execution of the custodial sentence, in a car to which laSexta had access.

The reason, according to the forensic report cited in the court order, is his deteriorating state of health. “The detainee, because of his pathologies, presents a general deterioration of his state of health, which implies a serious dependence, requiring a third person for all the activities of the daily life and being very difficult to submit to the schedule of the In addition, admission to prison would cause acute confusion in the inmate and worsen the anxiety-depressive disorder he suffers from, ”the courtroom said in the document.

Against this resolution, which is not firm, an appeal is possible within three days.

The Oviedo Provincial Court ordered his entry into prison on October 2, 2020 after the Supreme Court upheld the three-year prison sentence for the former secretary general of the mining union. Villa had been convicted of a continuing offense of embezzlement of union funds. In addition to the prison sentence, the provincial court imposed the payment of compensation of 234,462 euros to SOMA-FITAG-UGT and 190,696 to SOMA-UGT, in addition to a fine of 24,000 euros.

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