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The essentials When they left Utah in the USA, the two young girls wanted to reach California, which is over 11 hours away, to see the dolphins. Even so, they managed to travel 15 km before running into a car and then a semi-trailer.

Two young Utah girls stole their parents’ car so they could travel to California to go to the beach and “swim with the dolphins,” authorities told The Guardian.

The girls, nine and four year old sisters, crashed into a car and then a semi-trailer. No one was injured during their trip. Both children were buckled up.

The two sisters picked up the keys to a Chevy Malibu on Wednesday morning and snuck out of the family home through the basement.

The eldest, with her younger as a passenger, traveled approximately nine miles between West Jordan and West Valley City, including Utah’s Route 201 freeway.

The trailer driver called the authorities after seeing two cars collide and believed the driver was drunk. He followed this car, which then collided with his truck. Police said he was surprised to find a child behind the wheel.

“The parents were horrified”

It is not known if the girls were traveling at freeway speeds, West Jordan Police investigator Scott List said. “They talked about going to California to swim with the dolphins and go to the beach, and they woke up at 3 a.m.,” List said.

“The parents were horrified and very shocked to find out that their children were missing,” said the investigator. Authorities said the parents had previously discussed a possible trip to California, which may have led them to go there.

Danielle LeBlanc, a school bus driver in Salt Lake County, said her usual route is through the place where the collision occurred. “The first thing I did was look for the parents,” she says. “Then I saw the car and the whole front was gone and I thought ‘Oh no’ and then I looked again and saw two little girls in the front seat.”

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