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With News Days Gone, the price drops at the time of the game days. 2021 Posted on 26/05/2021 at 15:53 ​​French Days + Days of Play. What more can be said except that the promotions like rain have been falling the sidewalk since the beginning of May! And there we are going to talk about Days Gone where the price has dropped well. Days Gone is not just the umpteenth game where you smash the infected with the first weapon, which consists of a broken paper clip, homemade powder and picked up stones. Days Gone is an adventure that requires patience, willpower and, above all, method. In fact, you need to prepare carefully in order to face the enemies without too much trouble. This is all the flavor of this title that lets you play as a mercenary who refuses to stick with groups of survivors and live dangerously alone. The title Bend Studio promises you hours of discovery, missions and highlights in this post-apocalyptic open world. And if you like the survival aspect you will be served as the gameplay has a good part on the subject.

Where can you get buy Days Gone?

The title is currently available at Fnac for the Days of Play 2021! With a -71% discount, you can get it for less than € 20 from Find Days Gone on PS4 for € 19.99 instead of € 69.99 from Fnac

Learn more about Days Gone

The open world adventure game Days Gone takes us into an apocalyptic world. Two years after a pandemic that devastated the planet, Deacon St John is a bounty hunter who decided to lead a dangerous life instead of staying in a survival camp. He then has to do whatever he can to survive on his own while facing a horde of hostile creatures. Indee15 / 20Days Gone PC’s review is hands down the ultimate take on the title from Bend Studio. With more detailed textures and lighting effects that gain credibility, Deacon’s adventure takes hold and becomes a little more realistic and haunting. Two years after its release on PS4, the post-apocalyptic open world eliminates the bugs that hindered its launch and the adventure is smoother, with almost instant loading times during transitions between gameplay and movie, like on PS5 got an SSD. But of course this adventure remains the same, with all the flaws (especially related to the narrative) that we know. However, the PC version includes the previously released DLC that will keep you busy for a few hours. If you haven’t already gotten on Deacon’s bike, now is the time. To learn more about the title, you can check out the full review of the game. Top offers for PlayStation 4 from Matt_Clank, Video Games Journalist .com MP

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