At least 13 positives among young people who returned to quarantined hotel peninsula in Mallorca

Posted: Thursday July 01, 2021 10:11 PM

At least 13 of the young people allowed to leave the quarantine of the Palma Bellver hotel after testing negative for COVID tests have tested positive upon arrival in Valencia.

Eight of the young people are Andalusian and arrived this afternoon at the port of Valencia from Palma de Mallorca. All eight have tested positive for antigens carried out by council staff, as reported by the Department of Health and Families. All return to their province in buses chartered by the Junta de Andalucía, while another of the pupils does so with his parents after having tested positive for the PCR.

In addition to this group of Andalusians, there are five positive points among the 21 Galician students who arrived in Valencia from Mallorca. The other 16 were transferred by bus from Valencia to Galicia, while two ambulances were tasked with transporting the infected young people.

For its part, the Community of Madrid has chosen not to test the students before going to the region. Two public health technicians assisted and accompanied them in a 54-seater coach. Despite this, the regional government reminded them to stay at home while the quarantine began in Palma, under the supervision of health authorities.

Eight positive points of Andalusia

In a statement, the Andalusian Ministry of Health assures that the young Andalusian students arriving at the port of Valencia from the Balearic Islands number 77, including 42 from the province of Cordoba, 22 from Cadiz, 7 from that of Granada and 6 from that of Seville. Of all the antigen tests that were carried out on arrival at the port of Valencia, eight gave positive results (3 from Seville, 3 from Cordoba and 2 from Cadiz) and the others were negative. To this must be added another person who had previously tested positive by PCR.

The eight positives will return to the capitals of their respective provinces in a single bus chartered by the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, while the positives by PCR will return home with their parents.

The rest comes back in the three other buses that the Andalusian government has made available to young people to have all the guarantees of safety. The device also had a medical team, an ambulance 061 and a mobile unit, which was responsible for carrying out the antigen tests.

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