“At no time does the intention to medicalize”

Publication: Friday, December 4, 2020 3:51 PM

Encarnación Burgueño denies before the Assembly in Madrid that he was responsible for medicalizing or managing homes for the elderly in the region during the worst of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

“At no time was the intention to medicalize or manage”, he defended this Friday, after the newspaper “El País” revealed audios in which he evokes an intervention, which he calls “Bug operation”, which he developed between March 27 and April 26 in the residences, as specified today in front of the regional Parliament.

Burgueño, whose profile on LinkedIN shows no experience in social health management or medical training – she introduces herself as the general manager of a defibrillator rental company – would have been in charge of coordinating a small ambulance company , with a modest team of health workers, go to residences in Madrid.

In this plan, judging by the content of the audios published, Burgueño received instructions from a senior manager in Madrid, then director general of the coordination of social health, Carlos Mur, to transfer her partner and the owner of the ambulance company. .

“We will become the kings and the masters of the social management of the health of Madrid, Autonomous Community”, he continues by affirming in one of these recordings, which, as he affirmed during his appearance today ‘ hui before the Assembly, “are out of context”.

Burgueño is also the daughter of the former general manager of hospitals Antonio Burgueño, who Isabel Díaz Ayuso has re-signed in this crisis. Today he gave explanations to the Assembly and defended that he was able to carry out the work entrusted to him by the Community of Madrid, with which, he said, there was a contract “Verbal”.

However, he insisted that she was not managing anything, but limited herself to reporting the situation in the residences. Some of them, he revealed, had not received a visit to the doctor for 10 days and some “even had the bodies of the deceased without having been collected”. In this sense, she explained that she had spoken to funeral homes herself to lend a hand.

Burgueño – who has never personally visited the centers – explained that he first asked health workers to conduct “a field study” with the demand for staff in the residences. However, once there, the health workers asked to act as medics as there were elderly people who needed it and they even signed death certificates as indicated.

In addition, he confirmed that he was aware of the existence of protocols not to return detainees from residences in Madrid to hospitals, where, according to official data, some 6,000 people have died.

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