“At some point you have to say enough and that was the moment”

Publication: Wednesday April 14, 2021 4:25 PM

Javier Cercas, winner of the Planeta Prize 2019 with “ Terra Alta ”, has been the protagonist in recent days in an interview on TV3. Last Saturday he visited the Catalan public body to promote his new novel ‘Independencia’ and, after being asked about the king and his role in Tejero’s coup, he was harshly criticized by Catalan nationalism. In view of this, the writer has said enough and announced that he will take legal action: “If there is a loophole to prosecute them, I will.”

The writer declared in his speech that King Juan Carlos I was not the instigator of 23F, but on the contrary: that he arrested it. These words were answered by JxCat deputies like Cristina Casol: “What a promoter of the armed uprising does on TV3 is not freedom of expression, it is public television which gives fascism a privileged position. “. The parliamentarian refers to a clip manipulated and taken out of context by the Catalan independence movement, where Javier Cercas said in 2017: “When public life, politics, is filled with passion, adventures, emotions, like this has happened to us the Catalans lately. years, start to tremble or to call the unit of the general. ”The writer was referring to the lieutenant general of the UME, Miguel Alcañiz, who was present at the event.

Aurora Madaula, also training assistant, assured that “this assertion is not supported in any of the rigorous historical work on the 23F, quite the contrary. But of course, Javier Cercas does not want analysis but something else”.

“This was the moment”

In view of this, the author, in an interview with Onda Cero, was frank: “This has been happening for 10 years […] It remains very confined to the Catalan sphere and does not appear much, but it has been a long time now. My policy has been to keep doing what I do, but we’ve got this far. At some point you have to say enough and it was the moment.

The author attacked the tension generated in the territory: “There is a climate of harassment, intimidation, hatred, civil war, very important people who want to create a situation in Catalonia similar to that of 2017. And it can’t be. anyway. I gave it to my lawyer to see who to go to court. “

Even so, the writer knows the difficulty of prosecuting those who harass him and give their opinion on his work: “Spain is a democracy in its own right, no matter how much others want to say no, and there is the freedom of speech. And it protects everyone. those they call me a war criminal or a fascist. And I’m happy to protect them, but if there is a loophole to bring them to justice, I will. “

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