Atento appoints Kiomara Hidalgo as the company’s new Global Chief People Officer

Atento, the Latin American Customer Relationship and Business Process Outsourcing (CRM / BPO) services company and one of the world’s five largest vendors, announces the appointment of Kiomara Hidalgo as the new Global Chief People Officer of Atento, with the objective of standardizing human resources departments in all the countries where it is established, improving the processes of welcoming, attracting and retaining talent.

Kiomara Hidalgo has more than 20 years of experience in the field of human resources in different sectors such as healthcare, retail, technology or education, and in international environments in companies included in the Fortune 500. Previously, Hidalgo was Vice President of Human Resources in Eulen America, a position from which I worked with a strategic vision in business development, implementing human capital management strategies from the talent acquisition process to retention, through organizational development.

Kiomara Hidalgo holds a degree in human resources management from Florida International University and a master’s degree in the same discipline from FIU Business College. Throughout his career, he has led human capital management and organization projects for entities such as Alorica, United Data Technologies or Bupa Global. Among its functions, Kiomara encourages teamwork and collaboration through leadership management models to improve the performance, technological advancements and strategic direction of the Organization.

“With its experience in managing large teams, Kiomara will be a key element in homogenizing Atento’s human resources department and improving standardization between countries, transforming the organizational culture and gaining in agility and quality in services of our customers ”, says Carlos Lpez-Abada, CEO of Atento. “As Atento’s global CPO, Kiomara will be responsible for improving the quality of leadership and support of our agents, accelerating the process of business transformation through technology and human talent, with innovation being a key pillar to continue to succeed “.

With this appointment, Atento continues to strengthen its commitment to the transformation of the company from a global point of view, in which it has been working for several years, being able to combine an in-depth knowledge of the functioning of customer relationship services, and The importance of fostering talent to develop a much more friendly working environment that shares the firm’s values ​​internationally.

“It is an honor to accept this new professional challenge and to bring my vision of human resources management to continue to strengthen the One Atento and One Team initiatives that the company has already launched with quality leadership, continuous training and optimization in attracting and retaining talent. processes which will undoubtedly result in the continuous improvement of our innovative services ”, analyzes Kiomara Hidalgo. “The objective is to continue to promote the development of our Next Generation Services using technology, with the essential human touch. Empathy and closeness to employees are essential to continue to learn, grow and improve ”.

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