Atlanta shootings: four asian women killed in massage parlor in atlanta spa shootings: four asian women killed in massage parlor shooting in atlanta, america

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Filming at three locations in Atlanta, USA
Eight people were killed and one was injured in shootings at three massage parlors in Atlanta, United States. Two of these spas in which the shooting took place are face to face on the street and the third is in Cherokee County. The administration tries to check if the three incidents are related to each other. Officials in each region say the cause of the attack has yet to be established.

The Cherokee County shooting suspect has been taken south of Atlanta into custody in Crisp County. He has been identified as Robert Aaron Long, 21. A spokesperson for a Cherokee County sheriff said the shooting was reported on Georgia’s Young’s Asian Massage. The officers arrived at the scene were shot and wounded. Two died on the spot and two on the way to the hospital.

Four asian women
An hour later, police received news of the theft at the “Gold Massage Spa” in Atlanta. When they arrived, three people had died. At the same time, the police learned of the shooting from “Aroma Therapy Spa” across the road and one person was also killed here. Among the dead are four women who appear to be of Asian descent. However, officials say it’s too early to say what connection they had with the spa.

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