Atresmedia and IFP engage in vocational training to improve the employability of young people

Updated: Thursday, June 17, 2021 3:45 PM

Published: 06/17/2021 3:44 PM

The ATRESMEDIA Foundation and the iFP, Educational Institution of Planeta Formación y Universidades, have launched the new awareness campaign “Make it Real with FP” which aims to promote vocational training, highlighting its strengths as a practical training option , with access to the job market and Opportunities.

With this campaign, the two organizations show their commitment to promote the improvement of the employability of young people through vocational training. In addition, all of this helps to strengthen access to this type of study and aligns with the priorities of the Vocational Training Modernization Plan, launched by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

Vocational Training, a bet for the future and a driving force for the employability of young people. According to official data, the forecast for Spain in 2025 identifies that 49% of jobs will require an intermediate qualification, while we are currently at 25%. On the other hand, in Spain, the rate of young people enrolled in vocational training is 12%, a low level compared to other OECD countries which reach 25%, such as Germany, France, Italy or the United Kingdom.

This situation poses great difficulties for companies to find qualified professionals, especially with skills in emerging sectors where VET acts as a brake on youth unemployment and facilitates lifelong employability. This is evidenced by data from the State Public Employment Service, which places the youth unemployment rate at 7.56% for graduates of the average FP diploma and at 6.91% for graduates of higher education. Similarly, the hiring rate for vocational training graduates is 79%, according to the OECD.

In short, Vocational Training is a driving force for the employability of young people in Spain, supported by the many vacancies for increasingly qualified technical positions. In fact, currently, the vocational training profiles most in demand by companies and with the greatest employment projection are those related to the fields of commerce and marketing, administration and management, IT and communications, as well as health.

As part of the “Discover the Foundation’s FP” project, the presenter and actress Juanra Bonet is the star of this initiative with four messages that present vocational training as a plural option that contributes to the employability of young people, transferring its characteristics in a way that is close and entertaining, both for young people and families and for society in general:

“Choose what you like” to encourage young people to study what they really like without prejudice, calling to discover their vocation and without falling into social stereotypes.

“Learning by doing” to raise awareness of the importance of learning by doing, a fundamental quality of VET with which the student feels more involved by obtaining better knowledge and better results which will help him in his professional future.

“Free yourself from labels” to show that all young people have their place in Vocational Training, because it promotes essential values ​​such as equal opportunities, diversity and gender equality.

‘Create your opportunities’, which highlights the multiple professional opportunities offered by vocational training through its more than 150 practical diplomas in professional environments that add experiences for young people, making VET a good opportunity as a first step towards employability.

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