atSistemas is committed to teleworking for its staff

After more than a year where teleworking has been imposed by the pandemic for many companies, they plan to regulate it and definitively integrate it in different formats in their work operations. Indeed, it has turned out to be a model allowing workers to reconcile and improve their quality of life and, at the same time, companies have not seen their productivity indices decrease, they have even seen them increase. . For this reason, atSistemas, a 100% Spanish digital services consultancy, is implementing a ‘work flexibility model’ for its 1,600 workers, which goes beyond teleworking and includes concepts such as flexible hours. , the irregular weekly distribution of the working day and a digital cut-off strategy.

Many workers want to continue teleworking and others prefer to opt for a hybrid model that combines the best of remote and office work, as shown by the IESE Business School study which shows that 36% of them would choose this option. Thanks to the “Work from Anywhere” system, atSistemas offers its employees in Spain the possibility of requesting the working method that best suits their needs, from any of their offices or from their home. In addition, employees can choose, temporarily or permanently, to perform their duties from any country in which the company is present.

Another of the most popular business actions among workers is the flexibility of time. In this sense, atSistemas employees, thanks to “FlexAtWork”, will be able to adapt their working hours, with the aim of improving the working environment and perceiving an increase in the satisfaction of their employees. For example, employees can adapt their schedules to balance their personal context with the needs of their daily professional life. Whether you opt for a day away or in the office, atSistemas adapts its opening hours to the flexible schedule.

Indeed, thanks to the implementation of flexible hours, various studies, such as that of CaixaBank Research, confirm the increase in worker productivity due to the reduction in absenteeism at work.

This flexible working hours strategy is accompanied by the possibility of distributing the working day irregularly, so that employees can agree to distribute and organize working hours throughout the week according to their needs and of those of their services. Along with these flexible hours, atSistemas applies a strict “digital disconnection” policy.

This policy implemented by atSistemas obeys the company philosophy according to which “work is no longer a specific place or time”, in which its employees can improve their level of work-life balance and the quality of their work. their work. The creation of this “Flexible Work Model” goes hand in hand with the needs and concerns of its clients, with whom they have had discussions to design and implement it. The consulting firm will export this new work policy to all the countries where it is established: Spain, Italy and Portugal.

“We are convinced that this policy of working flexibility, which will undoubtedly make the daily life of our employees easier, will also benefit the company and our customers, since it will improve the rates of productivity, absenteeism and the environment. internal work. We have chosen to demonstrate the maxim that happy workers are our greatest asset, ”explains Antonio Chamorro, Strategy Director at atSistemas.

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