Attack on Hindu temple in Pakistan: Muslim attacked Ganesh temple in Bhong city district Rahimyar Khan’s Hindus demand action

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In Imran Khan’s “Naya Pakistan”, atrocities against Hindus do not abate
Atrocities against Hindus are not diminishing, even in the “Naya Pakistan” of Imran Khan Niazi, who came to power on the promise of making Riyasat-e-Madina. In the latter case, a temple of Lord Ganesha was vandalized in the province of Punjab. The idols of the deity were broken by hitting them with thick wood. Not only that, Pakistani fundamentalists also brought this whole incident to life live on Facebook. The temple was burnt down after the incident.

Meanwhile, the local police are ignoring the Hindus’ complaint and the minority community has appealed to the chief justice of the Supreme Court to intervene. Pakistan’s Hindu Parishad President Dr Ramesh Wankani said this Hindu temple is located in Bhong City, Rahimyar Khan District of Punjab Province, which has been attacked by extremists. He said the situation in the region had become tense on Wednesday.

Temple premises set on fire
Vankani said that the local police do not deal with Hindus, which is very shameful. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has been urged to take action against the culprits. The temple complex was set on fire after violent mobs sacked and vandalized the idols of the deities. This temple was built recently. The temple had idols of Lord Shiva, Ganesha and other deities.

The temple was very nicely decorated and there was also a seating arrangement for worshipers. Jai Kumar Dhirani, leader of Imran Khan’s PTI party and boss of Yuva Hindu Panchayat Pakistan, condemned the incident by tweeting. He wrote that he strongly condemned this vile attack on the Bhong Sharif temple in the district. This attack is a plot against beloved Pakistan. I ask the authorities to put the culprits behind bars.

“The police called but no action taken”
It is said that to date, no arrests have been made in connection with this attack. Wankani said that a child committed wrongdoing in a madrasa on July 24 and that action was taken against him. After that, a crowd of fanatics arrived yesterday and they started to destroy the temple. We called the police but no action was taken. Then we had to call the army. He said that 100 families from the Hindu community live around the temple.

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