Attack on Hindus in Bangladesh: Bangladesh: Prime suspect behind attack on Hindu homes arrested – police arrested prime suspect for incitement to attack Hindu homes in Bangladesh

Police arrested the prime suspect in provocation on Saturday for the attack on 80 Hindu houses in Sylhet Division in Bangladesh. The attack was carried out by a radical Islamic group after a young man from a minority community allegedly posted a message on social media. The Police Investigation Bureau (PIB) arrested a member of the Union Council and chairman of the local district of the Youth League Shahid-ul-Islam Swavin of the Maulvibazar district, according to information from “BDNews24. com ”.

GDP Special Police Superintendent Khalid-uj-Zaman said: “Svadin Shalla is the prime suspect in the attacks on the Upgaon Navgaon.” Police said a total of 23 people, including Svadin, have been arrested so far. The arrests were made in connection with the murder of thousands of supporters of Hifaat-e-Islam leader Mamnoon-ul-Haq in Shalla subjilla of Sumanganj district on Wednesday.

According to police, Haq supporters gathered in Navgaon and attacked the homes of local Hindus with batons and native weapons and broke 70 to 80 homes. According to reports, many local Hindus have fled for their lives. During this time, the mob entered the village and looted many houses. Emir of Hifazat-e-Islam Allama Junaid Baboonagari, Deputy Secretary General Maulana Mufti Mamunul Haque and many other leaders attended a ballroom ceremony in Dera Upazila on Monday.

According to the news, a young Hindu wrote a critical post on Facebook, outraged by Haq’s speech, after which the mob attacked the village on Wednesday. A large number of police forces were deployed to the scene to monitor the situation. A senior police official said the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), a counter-terrorism and counter-terrorism unit of the Bangladeshi police, had also been deployed.

Sumiganj District Police Chief Meijan Urrahman told reporters: “Criminal cases have been recorded against 700 people. The search for the attackers continues.
Meanwhile, rights groups and Hindu leaders said the attacks were carried out in a planned fashion to drive out the minority community. Various Hindu organizations such as the Bangladesh Hindu Council and the “National Hindu Grand Alliance” took to the streets of Dhaka and other places to protest.

The head of the Hindu Council, Sajan Kumar Mishra, said at a rally outside the National Press Club: “The country belongs to everyone. We want harmony.

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