Attack on Israeli ship: Attack on Israeli ship: Missile attack on Israeli cargo ship, Iran retaliating for attack on nuclear facility? – Israeli ship targeted by missile near UAE coast, Iran retaliates over attack on nuclear facility

The missile attack on the Israeli freighter came two days after the attack on the Iranian nuclear facility. Iranian state media Tasnim claimed that an Israeli ship was targeted near the coast of the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday. There was no report of damage to the ship during this attack. In the past, many Israeli cargo ships have been targeted in this area.

Iranian news agency gave information about the attack
The Tasnim News Agency tweeted that Israeli ships were being targeted at the Emirati port of Fujairah. The number of Israeli ships attacked is 9,690,559. It is known as Hyperion. It is owned by the Israeli CCP, which is used to transport cars.

Minor damage to the attacking vessel
An Israeli Channel 12 report cited unnamed officials as saying Iran was behind the attack. The report also stated that there were no casualties in the incident of the attack on the ship. The Jerusalem Post reported that missiles or drones were used in the attack. This caused minor damage to the vessel.

Iran’s revenge for what attack
Iran on Sunday blamed Israel directly for the bombing of the Natanz nuclear facility. Iran has claimed that one of its main nuclear centers was badly damaged in the attack on Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. Because of this, not only have the centrifuges been destroyed, but much of the country is facing blackouts. After which he vowed to avenge Israel’s attack.

Israel attacked Iran’s nuclear bases before
This is not the first time that the Iranian nuclear base has been attacked. Also last year, Iran blamed Israel for the attack on the Natanz nuclear facility. Last year, Iran’s top nuclear scientist Dr Mohsin Fakhrizadeh was assassinated, which Israel has been accused of. The Mossad is also believed to be responsible for stealing Iranian nuclear program documents from Israel in 2018.

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