Attack on the cartoon of the prophet Mohammed after the slogan of Allah Hu Akbar in French

France is once again shaken by “terrorist” incidents. What is worrying is that in these similar incidents, the attacker attacks the forehead with a knife, even cuts his throat and shouts “Allah Hu Akbar”. With this in mind, as the French government and President Emmanuel Macron talk about strengthening secularism and the judicial system in the country, they face criticism from Muslim society and the country’s Islamic countries. In the midst of all this, the anger against France in other countries grew so much that such an incident also emerged at the French consulate in Saudi Arabia. The chains of these incidents are believed to be linked to cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, which Macro describes as free speech, while Muslim countries have insulted Islam.

3 killed in Nice

The latest incident in France took place at a church in Nice where an assailant slit a woman’s throat and stabbed two other people mercilessly. Like Paris, the incident here also qualifies as terrorism. The mayor of Nice, Christian Istorci, said the attacker was arrested after the Notre-Dame church incident. The French counterterrorism department took responsibility for investigating the incident after qualifying it as terrorism. However, it is not immediately clear what the motive was behind the killing of people in the church with a knife attack or it makes sense in the Prophet’s caricature. However, the mayor claimed that after the arrest of the accused, Allah Hu Akbal shouted as he did during the Paris incident.

Attack in Arabia too

Subsequently, reports from Saudi Arabia reported guards stabbed in front of the French consulate. According to state media, the Jeddah striker attacked the guard with a “sharp weapon”, after which he was arrested. The French embassy in Riyadh reported the guard was out of danger but condemned the attack on the diplomatic complex. French diplomats called on the Saudis to shed light on the attack and sought to ensure the safety of the French citizens living there.

Continuation of the cartoon by Charley Abdo

In France, about five years ago, the famous magazine Charley Abdo was printing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. He had to pay a heavy price for all the journalists in the magazine. The Al Qaeda terrorist organization attacked the magazine’s office. Recently, a few days after the hearing of the case began in Paris, a schoolteacher showed a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad to children in his class, after which an angry person slit his throat. Like Nees, the attacker shouted “Allah Hu Akbar”.

Macron supported independence

After this incident, Macron supported Professor Samuel Patty and spoke of guaranteeing freedom of expression in the country. Macron said France would continue to follow its secular traditions and laws that guaranteed freedom of expression. Thanks to this, Sharli Abdo also gets the freedom to make cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, from which this uproar started. Macron had signaled that a bill would be sent to parliament early next year with a provision to deal with Islamic separatism. He said that Islam is facing a crisis all over the world.

France targets Muslim countries

Since then, Macron has been the target of resentment from the Islamic community and Muslim countries. Across the country, right-wing and conservative parties have taken a strong stance on crime and immigration, and they want tough laws in the country regarding secularism. At the same time, presidential elections will take place in France within two years. In such a situation, Macron does not want to give the opposition a chance to tackle. On the other hand, countries like Turkey and Iran have opened a front against macros and even threatened diplomatic action. Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Ruhani has warned France that criticizing the prophet will result in “violence and bloodshed.”

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