Attacks on Hamas by Benjamin Netanyahu’s IDF: Statement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Hamas will continue fierce attacks – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says IDF will continue its fierce attacks on Hamas

Tel Aviv
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the fierce attacks on the Palestinian militant group Hamas would continue. Netanyahu’s statement comes at a time when there is a call for peace between two parties around the world. The Israeli prime minister said that the action against Hamas will continue until the security and peace of all the Israeli people is restored. He said the IDF was successful and an Islamic Jihad commander was killed.

Netanyahu said the IDF was doing a very good job. He killed a top Islamic Jihad commander. We targeted the Hamas naval unit. We are constantly targeting Hamas tunnels. He said: “We will continue our military campaign as long as necessary for the security of all Israelis and for the restoration of peace.”

Earlier Monday, following a massive airstrike on the Gaza Strip, the IDF said it had demolished 15 kilometers of tunnels built by extremists and the homes of nine Hamas commanders. At the same time, international diplomats, especially the European Union, are trying to end this week-long war. This war has so far claimed hundreds of lives on both sides. The main leader of the Islamic Jihad extremist group in Gaza has been killed in the latest attacks.

Significantly, the IDF holds the group responsible for some of the thousands of rockets fired within range in recent times. Israel says it wants to continue its offensive against Hamas, the extremist group that rules Gaza, and in the meantime the United States has indicated that it will not press either side for a ceasefire. However, the European Union has said it will double its efforts to end the ongoing violent conflict between the IDF and Palestinian extremists and will be discussed at a special meeting of foreign ministers on Tuesday.

Chancellor of Germany, a European country, Angela Merkel spoke by phone Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Bennamin Netanyahu to express Germany’s solidarity with Israel and the country’s right to self-defense. According to Gaza’s health ministry, at least 200 Palestinians were killed in airstrikes, including 59 children and 35 women, while 1,300 people were injured. At the same time, a total of eight people, including a five-year-old child and a soldier, were killed by rockets fired from Gaza into Israel.

According to the police, violence started in Israel between Jews and Arabs, during which many people were injured. At the same time, an Israeli injured in the attack on Arabs in the town of Laud last week died on Monday. Gaza mayor Yahya Saraj told Al-Jazeera TV that roads and other infrastructure were severely damaged by the attacks. He said: “If the struggle continues, we fear the situation will get worse.” The United Nations has already issued a warning that the region’s only power plant is at risk of running out of fuel, and Saraj said Gaza is also running out of parts for repairs.

Already 8 to 12 hours of power cuts are occurring in Gaza and the water from the tap is not drinkable. Mohammad Tabet, a spokesperson for the region’s electricity distribution company, said the plant had fuel to supply Gaza for two to three days. He said the supply line was damaged by the airstrikes and that company employees could not reach areas that are constantly under attack from the Israelis. The war began after the militant group Hamas fired rockets at Jerusalem last week, weeks after a clash between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police in Jerusalem. Since the start of the war, the Israeli army has carried out hundreds of airstrikes.

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